Two years and three months NED

great report with scan coming back clear and scope with no problems. PA said I was out of the weeds and needed to go live life! WI'll see him again in year for the next three years! Not sure it has finally sank in but thankful for each new day! What are others impression when one reaches this milestone? Possible rate of occurrence has drastically decreased..


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    Have to love NED

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    Mr. NED

    That is wonderful news my friend thanks for sharing, there is life after cancer



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    Great news! Thanks for

    Great news! Thanks for sharing another message of hope. Now go live that life!

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    Wonderful news!  Enjoy life!!  

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    I asked my “trusty” 8  Ball and all signs point to NED 




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    Whoo Hoo!!!

    Way to go!!  Love NED, and being out of the weeds and back in flowers is wonderful!  Nobody has cut me quite so loose yet, but they're getting there (only see the ENT 4 times a year....that's down from once a month the first two years).  The two year mark is a milestone....that's when recurrance odds drop made, now go have some fun!!


    PS....that 8-ball is a hoot, Matt!

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    Like WMC says, NED is our  friend. josh r.

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    on the glide slope now

    Once past two years with our cancer, if your experience was "fairly typical", you have the wind at your back and are close to just putting in the time to the official 5 year finish line. Chances of recurrence atfer 3 years is very slight, even after two clean years, chances are good you'll cross the finish unscathed. Enjoy!

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    no time to waste worrying

    no time to waste worrying about recurrence, enjoy and celebrate your wonderful news!!

    God bless you and congrats on NED!