Ovary pain

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I finished radiation last Thursday.  I still have herceptin til end of year.. Will take tomoxifen for ten years.  Have started having ovary pains.  i have been in menopause because of chemo.  Can anyone relate.. Thanks




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    Yes .. many women here have suffered ..

    from similar symptoms --  I am hoping to bump this post up, and someone will reply to your comment and concerns.


    Vicki Sam

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    I had had pain in the lower

    I had had pain in the lower left area off and on for years,only a couple of times per year.  Before and after breast cancer.  Now realize it was in fact ovarian cysts that for some women appear and eventually erupt and disappear, nothing to worry about but can be painful, usually lasts a few hours.  But you still need to get checked out, so please see a specialist to make sure all is well.  If the cysts  stay after a given amount of time they will biopsy them.  this may not be the case but just thought I would bring it to your attention.

    Also went into memo after chemo, I am now 59, chemo was four years ago.