Website to compare performance of surgeons

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A big step forward IMHO, a website that allows one to compare the performance of surgeons in the USA. And YES (!) prostate surgery is one of the specialties for which there are data:


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    Thought this would be good to repost by Old Salt, after what happened to MK so that newer guys can check for competency. Visiting Consumer Ceckbook's Facebook page it looks like it is still active, though it gives no indication how frequently it updates. Surgeon's Scorecard that I used may be defunct since they haven't update for a couple years now, so I am hoping they update this site frequently to make it as reliable as possible. If anyone knows how often they update, I would like to know. 

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    Aus for incontinence implantation

    can anybody recommend a great surgeon for aus implanta in the Baltimore/ D.C. Area please. I am tired of being incontinent and would like to control it.