Life after rectal cancer

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I am post surgery 4 weeks.  I came out of surgery with a temporary ileostomy and an intact rectum and anus.  I am dealing with the ostomy pretty good, but do any of you have any suggestions on dealing with the discharge coming from my recturm?  It seems to come mostly when I get up and walk and the odor is horrific!  Does this get better as far as control and odor?


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    I had my surgery last June

    I had my surgery last June 2014 and still have the mucous that seeps out. It's normal and will always happen because it's the bowels providing lubrication for the stool except we don't have that now. I've had times when it's been really bad and times when it's hardly anything. I wear a pad every day just in case but most days it doesn't come out at all unless I'm sitting on the toilet. The smell isn't as bad as it used to be and the smell from the ostomy isn't as bad, either, although I don't know why that is. And I've never been able to control it. Sorry, I have no suggestions for you.

    I hated my ostomy for a long time but was glad to have it when I went back in the hospital for the blood clot as I was totally bedridden and wearing a diaper for months. And now I'm not in a hurry to have it reversed because my surgeon said the IBS would likely be even worse once I get it reversed. I'm enjoying not having to worry about where the bathroom is everywhere I go and being able to eat things like potato salad which I couldn't before. Not to mention that after four stays in the hospital in a a year I'm not in a hurry to go back. And I'm told that I could be in there for a month or so until the bowels start working again. No thanks.

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    Dear Friend,

    First of all make sure you don't have an infection meaning pus coming out with the bad odor. If you have incontinence and it smells like poop there is this company who sells products to control bad odor.

    I wish you a speedy recovery,