Splenectomy for low platelets

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Has anyone had their spleen removed for low platelets without a significantly enlarged spleen? If so, was spleen removal successful with respect to increasing your platelet counts, how much did they come up, and how long were they at a higher level?


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    I had one

    Other then allowing my platlets to rise to normal levels, and maintain normal levels I couldn't say it's affected me in any other way.  It's so nice not to worry about platlet count anymore.  It's been two years. I can't tell you what my highest level has been, since they went normal, I quit paying attention to it, other then hearing they are at a good level for chemo.  Just glad not to have to have the day after shots anymore and not having to worry about the levels.

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    Winter Marie

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    Thanks. If I'm understanding

    Thanks. If I'm understanding you correctly, you haven't had any treatment issues with platelet counts since having your spleen removed two years ago? Correct? We just don't want to go through a splenectomy and not get much of a bounce or not get any long term reprieve.