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Has anyone had success with alternative medicine?  What was used?  Where?  How?


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    The vegan diet

    I was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer on Setember 13, 2014. The doctor that diagnosed me seemed to think I was going to die almost immediately. That was 10 months ago on Monday. I figured that," if the doctor had written me off, only a miracle from God could save me". Plus, "only God knows when any of us will die."

    My niece is a pharmacist and when she realized I was not going to get chemotharapy, radiation, or surgery for the cancer, she suggested the vegan diet. She said she had read a study of some people being cured of end stage cancer with the vegan diet. I was more than willing to try it. After a couple of months I had to go back to beef and poultry so I could get enough protein. Aside from not getting enough protein, I felt much better while I was on the vegan diet. I have been very bad about eating my fruits and vegetables for a while now. I notice a difference in the way I feel.

    There were at least 5-6 other people diagnosed with some form of terminal cancer at the same time was. I am the only one of us that is still alive. Make what you will of that. 

    My quality of life and comfort are the most important things to my husband and I. Some of our kids are more on board with us than others. I have no idea when God will call me Home. If He heals me here or takes me home, I win!

    Prayers and best wishes,