Do we have weeks or only days?

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My FIL is dying from end stage secondary liver cancer. My SIL lives several states away with family, kids and pets and is trying to decide if they need to come down now or it they can wait until after her colonoscopy. My Father in in law just started hospitce a few weeks ago but has deteriorated quickly. Today he's very jaundiced, has swellling in his belly, is very confused, sleeps all the time, and has blood in his stool and urine. Hospice nurses have been unable to draw blood for labwork to see where his liver and kidney function are at. His pain is low and well managed, probably aided by his diabetes. He's lost a great deal of weight and has no appetite or hunger.

Does anyone have any idea if these symptoms are indicating that the SIL should reschedule her exam and pack up and come down? We are a very close knit, loving family and she'd be devastated to miss saying goodby. Due to logistics it's a full day's travel even if she flies and the family drives. I don't want to get panicky and I desperately hope he's got weeks or months but I simply think the speed at which he went downhill is an ill omen.


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    Hospice would be the best

    Hospice would be the best people to answer that question. I understand you not wanting to panick but it may not hurt to have your SIL come sooner rather than later. Although my dad stayed alive longer hoping one person could say goodbye. She never did so we had to tell him she probably would not make it to visit. Be prepared for him to pass away at anytime but don't lose hope that he may make it longer than expected. Ultimately it is in God's hands when he will pass away. I am praying for your family.