HI All - I subscribe to google alerts for nasopharyngeal cancer because of my family's own experiences with it and there are a lot of exciting things going on in this field with new kinds of treatment, etc. I saw this one alert yesterday, has anyone seen this?


What are your thoughts on it? it looks a bit hoaxy but i know there are some studies going on with treatment that is similar....


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    Why only picked up on this news?

    I'm very septical about this. I hope it would be true but only one off beat news picked it up. In further reading he only refrences one person and say's 100% sucsess rate, and is looking for sponcers. This might be a breakthrough NPC needs, lest hope.

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    There was recently an article in either Oncology or Cancer Network that mentioned the Epstein - Barr connection to NPC. As far as I remember, they didn't mention any new breakthrough treatment. I'd be wary of the formula you read about until there is more proof. Don't lose hope though. There are new discoveries happening at an amazing pace.

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    I hope and pray that it is true but I too would like to see some more findings and people who been cured doing it. I am going to do some research on this to see if I can find more information.

    Thanks for the post



    Up-date July 12 - 2015

    I found this on NPC at lease it is hope that something new and better is being done for those of us with NPC


    What’s new in nasopharyngeal cancer research and treatment?



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