3 Lesions on spine bones

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New here and scared!  Dr. Found lesions in my spinal bone.  


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    Hi Shelley,
    So sorry to hear

    Hi Shelley,

    So sorry to hear about what the doc found. I'll keep you in my prayers.  I am currently waiting to find out what my MRI's showed from yesterday.  Its kinda freaking me out.  I have my suspicions that they are going to find something, but its the whole waiting and not knowing that is kitting me the worse.  You can at least have some peace of mind that they now have knowledge of the lesions and can start attacking it accordinly.  I was going to get on and see if anyone could share info with me before I recieved my results.  I have been in severe pain, sickness, and exhaustion for the last 7 months now.  It all started about 1.5 years ago and was sparatic at first until it decided not to leave just under a year ago.  I hope you find support in others with the same situation. It is very important for you to have a network and support for you to lean on and just be available for an emotional release.  If you need someone to just listen, just send a reply on here and I can shoot you my email. Like I said, I havent been diagnosed yet, but wouldnt be surprised to hear the words soon.