Johns Hopkins has a new pre-surg workshop

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It seems they are planning to do these once a month for soon-to-be surgery patients at the hospital. I encourage anyone scheduling surgery at JH to go, and my understanding is that they are matching the upcoming surgeries with patients in order to invite patients to attend. Good slide show and a good question/answer session afterwards with a Urology Nurse Practitioner. It's also interesting to discuss our various situations among ourselves. As the build-up of anxiety until surgery starts, with no professionals to talk to, it was nice to get a chance to ask things that were on all of our minds. We went from pre-procedure, what to bring at admittance, catheter care/handling, incontinence, as well as ED issues--even penis shortening, LOL!. I hope more facilities will implement this type of program.




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    Good that you are getting something out of this program.

    Note: Quite often there is a clinical level nurse that specializes in oncology or prostate cancer at a hospital.....they are very knowledgeable, and somewhat accessible, and worth seeing.  They are called slightly different names at each institution; I guess at Johns Hopkins its urology nurse practitioner. 


    I may have mentioned but there are  sources of information and support available at the local level.

    One great source is are over 300 chapters worldwide, Ron, you may wish to visit one in your area.