Happy 4th

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Wishing all a SAFE and happy 4th of July!

While we are enjoying/celebrating the 'birthday' of the USA, Please take a moment to reflect on all who have played a roll/what it has cost themed  for 239 yrs so we are able today to celebrate our freedom.  Take a moment to remember those who are far from home and loved ones serving so that we can observe this special 'Birthday'.

I am Proud to be an American!



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    Proud **

    So am I Susan..........God Bless America **

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    GlowMore said:

    Proud **

    So am I Susan..........God Bless America **

    Semper Fidelis

    I am a PROUD daughter of a Marine -  I thank all of those service men, and women who have served to keep all of us safe.

    Thank you Susan for the posting.!!!


    Vicki Sam

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    we did the all American

    we did the all American thing-went to a baseball game followed by fireworks..


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    I love celebrating this

    I love celebrating this event.  

    Typical small town, we have celebrated all weekend.  Parade Saturday.  Fireworks last night, which we see just fine from our front yard.  For years we have invited people up here to see the fireworks.  They bring snacks to share, chairs or blankets, and we provide the rest.