Breast cancer with Scleroderma?

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I have scleroderma,,,   and breast  cancer.  I will not be doing my 2nd chemo treatment tomorrow because i need more lab work done to take to my rheumotologist on Tuesday.   I guess i keep coming up with high liver enzymes.  Even though i survived the first round of chemo three weeks ago.  I just don't know what to think, or do here.  I am hoping i can continue with treatments.. Onconologist said that the chemo can even help with my scleroderma..  but i guess it didn't do it...  I was just wondering if anyone else has gone through the same thing?


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    Autoimmune Diseases and Breast Cancer

    I do not have scleroderma but I do have another autoimmune disease - Multiple Sclerosis (MS).  About 4 years after I was diagnosed with MS I was diagnosed with breast cancer in my right breast. I had a right mastectomy as well as chemotherapy - 4 rounds of A/C and 12 rounds of Taxotere. It is my understanding that Cytoxan is sometimes used as a treatment for scleroderma. The "C" in A/C stands for Cytoxan. I. Did pretty well on the A/C rounds and did not have an MS relapse. In fact, I continued to take my MS medication through several rounds of chemo. I was determined to do everything I could to kill off those cancerous buggers. My oncologist and neurologist consulted with one another to come up with the most effective and least toxic chemo given my circumstances. The neuro suggested Taxotere rather than taxol specifically because of my MS. Your rheumatologist and oncologist are right to monitor your hepatic (liver) function. 

    By the way, my last chemo was 5 years ago. My MS is in remission. I have seen both my children graduate from college which I didn't think would happen when I received the cancer diagnosis. You can do this. Keep coming here.