Childhood Cancer


I am celebrating 20 years cancer free this summer. :) I'm 26 and I was diagnosed with Wilms' Tumor when I was 5.  I've never really had the opporutnity to talk to other adults who had cancer at such a young age (that I honeslty don't rememeber most of what happened) and how it's kind of affected their life.  Phsyically/Mentally. Etc. I wish I would have known about this sooner this is such a good idea.  I always wanted to try to do support groups or something but I never did. 


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    Me as well

    I'm 18 and I was also diagnosed with Wilms tumor at the age of five. I would like to talk with you if you are still active. I have never spoken to anyone that had cancer other than to mention that had cancer. Let alone someone with Wilms tumor.