Reoccuring Liposarcoma - What #; What Treatment; When...

bmscan Member Posts: 37

On April 24th I had my 9th liposarcoma tumor surgically removed after receiving cyberknife radiation 2 weeks prior.  All is well and back to normal.  Next concern:  future radiation to the pelvic area getting more finite.

Those out there having had a reoccurance of Lipsarcoma, please add info on your most recent tumor along with the treatment.  Let's see if we are all getting the same treatment and if any break-throughs...


  • HappyNess
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    so same reoccurrance, surgery fail.

    now on chem, not sure it will work or not.


  • armayn
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    14 years + and 11 surgeries

    I am a 54 yearold female. found my first tumor at 40.

    Most recent surgery was jan 27th this year. Have had interaoperative radiation twice, with the usual style of radiation after my surgery in april of 2013. After a while this all just come routine to a person.

    Puts you out of comission for a month or two and then it is business a usual. First tumor was size of football and almost 9 pounds.

    How are you doing?