Mucus and Phlem

I have had 4 weeks of radiation and Erbitux so far. The past few days I've been drowning in mucus and phlem.

I tried to call the Dr this weekend, no reply. Does anyone now what is going on? Does anyone know any tricks? I was up all night

back and forth to the bathroom trying to clear my throught. I feel like I am literaly drowning.


  • wmc
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    Mucus is rough when to thick......

    I naver had that problem, but the other's have said to rinse and gargle with Club soda or ginger ale. It sounds like you need to take in more water. Water is what will thin the mucus. Mucus is a first line of defince so to thin it you need lots of water. You need to take in one once for half your weight. [ 200 lbs. means 100 onces of water] Also try to sleep upright for a few days and that will help the drowning feeling...... Hope it helps.


  • Grandmax4
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    I had mucus for a long time, sorry to tell eventually does go away or team said it's caused by lymph nodes being removed or affected by treatment, they have to find a different route to allow the yucky to exit your body. I would say this was the very worse phase of my healing, but, I fought threw it, and so will you.. I found that holding my arms straight up over my head, made it easier to cough out...I carried a cup and roll of paper towels everywhere I went...blessings

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    Most people who have had radiation to the throat will experience excessive mucus while the tissues try to repair themselves. With all the choking and gagging,  I think it was one of the most annoying and scary symptoms during the whole treatment. My doctor recommended Mucinex ( guaifenisen ), a humidifier at night, and drinking lots of fluid. The problem lasted for about a month. This is a miserable time for you, but things will get better. The treatment is tough, but when you look at your precious children, you'll know it was worth fighting through it. 


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    hello, rcaulder.  very glad

    hello, rcaulder.  very glad to meet you although i wish it were on a happier note.  I just want to say I'm praying for you to find a solution that will bring you some peace and make you feel better.

    God bless you,


  • phrannie51
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    Somebody on here gargled with

    hydrogen peroxide mixed with something (can't remember)...another upped the salt in the salt/soda gargle.  I've also heard ginger ale helps.  I didn't have the mucous that everyone suffered I got lucky there...luck and Amifostine....I've also heard that buying stock in in the Keenex company at least give you a feeling that you're getting something out of it Smile.  Sorry you're suffering through sounds like hell.


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    I agree with most others

    I agree with most others ginger ale did seem to help and water at bedtime I learned to put a dish towel down on my pillow and or something I could spit in. This is temporary I believe it was about a month annoying yes but not permanent.

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    you might try gargling with warm salt water and follow it with a cool baking soda mix (I kept a container of baking soda made up in the fridge).  You can do this as often as you want and it seems like I would do it 3-4 times an hour when I was at my worst.  


    I never tried the the ginger ale or others as my oncologist was a big fan of the above and it at least gave me temporary relief.  

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    My husband drank small amounts of Coke Cola. It seemed to cut through the mucus! He doesn't normally drink soda 

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    Ginger Ale did help a bit. I

    Ginger Ale did help a bit. I went from laying down in bed at night to sitting up on my couch and sleeping with a trash can by my side. This at least helped alleviate the drowning sensation. It does go away but I will say that I slept on the couch for about a month. It will pass. Praying for you.