New to this room, loss of spouse 7 months ago.

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New to this group as of today.  Spouse passed seven months ago with stomach cancer.  Looking for support.


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    Hello, I lost my husband almost 8 months ago to colon cancer.  A few weeks after he died, I joined a local bereavement group and have found that very helpful.  It started out as a small group of all widows but has grown and changed where I'm considering backing off  I'm hoping that means I am on the mend and don't need it so much.   I used to cry every day, mostly at night when I was in bed.  I don't cry as much anymore or when people mention my husband.  He was in a hospice facility when he passed and they had great support during his final days and for me and my family aftewards.  There is nothing like talking to other widows because they all know exactly what you are going through.  Can you contat your spouse's oncologist or hospital to see if they offer bereavement services? 

    Hope this helps, Linda