Immune thearpy for HCC patient using nexavar

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My father was diganosed as HCC on AUG 2014 and did Tumor operation and the result were great. Tumor marking is back to normal. On April 2015, it reoccur and met to Lung. He is now taking nexavar for one month now to control the growth with minimal side effect.  I did read research they mentioned after sometimes nexavar might not work anymore as cancer cell will transmute and react in different way. Hence , we are looking for alternative medicine. Finally we found that one of the research center using Immune therapy or Cancer vaccine. They will inject your own white blood cell to kill the cancer cell. We are interested in this one,  but it is still in clinical trial. My father did tried it on July 2016. and so far, his condition is stable so far with no side effect.

Anybody experienced the same clinical trial? pls do share experience.