Anyone have whole breast radiation in prone position?

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Hi ladies,  I have heard of radiation to the whole breast given while the person is on her belly with breast hanging down.  (Reminds me of the biopsy!)  Does anyone have advice or experience with that?  Makes sense to me especially if the woman is big breasted.  That would keep rads away from heart, lung and ribs.  BUT, it seems it might be hard to get big, Jello-like breasts to be in the same position each day.  Anyone?


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    Radiation is so precise...I don't think they do it that way (Prone).  It was very dehumanizing the day I had to lay there while the team of nurses and doctors ran around marking me all over with their pens  and I was treated like an inanimate object actually.  They had poured that thing for my head...I couldn't wear my wig and I felt so exposed and just lay there crying and ignored.  That was one of the worst days.  These people are so professional now they can practically Bend the joke.  It is wonderful what they can do and you are fitted with a shield to protect your heart etc.   I'd be interested to know if there is such a thing as the Prone position for radiation too. 

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    I laid on my back and htought

    I laid on my back and htought it was just small area-I had no side effects or burning etc. but at the end I had a large square shape tan on whole breast (I small chested)