Infusion schedule?

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I will  start treatment soon.I will be getting the usual colon cancer chemo drugs.I will have infusion & pump for 46 hours Every 2 weeks.I am going to try and work during treatment.I can choose what day of the week I start Treatment.I want to start on a day so that the weekend will be the 2 days that I feel the worst.I know this won't be exact but can anyone share there experience or opinion?


  • herdizziness
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    First two days

    As someone that's been on chemo for 5+ years (there are others on longer) my first two days were always the best due to the steroids.

    Wishing you the best,

    Winter Marie

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    I'm with Winter

    It sounds odd, to tell you go to work with the pump hooked up, but those first few days after the infusion were the best. I would crash almost as soon as the pump was removed, and at the beginning the frist two days after the pump was removed, were sthe worst.

    By the end of my treatment, there were no real good days, but I know there are others who have worked throughout. 

    Good luck!

    Sue - Trubrit

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    Yup Hook Up Days Work

    The day of hook-up and the next two days are often pretty good due to the steroids.   My crash period usually starts about 6 hours after disconnect.  (I usually get disconnected Weds and did in fact get disconnected yesterday)

    By Saturday I am usally coming around a bit.  Thought right now this crash period is not quite as bad.  (Done with 7 sessions)

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    I have continued to work

    i don't feel comfortable going to work with the pump just because of the questions and stares it generates.  I go for infusion on Thursday, get the pump hooked up and then stay home Friday. Pump gets removed Saturday night.  I recover Sunday by resting and tiring to eat.  (Waiting for football season to start, getting tired of watching golf, lol)  On Monday I head back to work, I'm tired but it's doable.  I have primarily a desk job.  Don't know if I could handle much physical exertion.  You will have to discover your tolerances.


    i wish you well, keep us posted.

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    felt lousy the 1st 5 days after infusion then pretty good the next 9 days. Any chance of working every other week? Maybe telecommuting? It's very ambitious to work during chemo. Stage 4s and some stage 3s qualify for social security disability. You have a deadly disease, not the flu, you've had major surgery and you're basically poisoning your body for the next 6 months. Think about taking a little bit of a break and healing yourself. Stress isn't good for you either. Good luck with whatever you decide.



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    My Experience

    I had tried a Monday schedule and a Friday schedule. The Friday schedule worked the best for me. I only missed 1 day of work and by Monday I felt good enough to go back to work. I never really felt that horrible. Somehow I managed to go kayaking for 30-45 minutes 81 consecutive days prior to my initial surgery. I wore my pump in a fanny-pack wrapped inside a zip-loc bag just in case.

    I had a tougher time with chemo after my surgery but I've kind of blocked those memories out. I've noticed that I often seem to be the exception to many of the rules...

    Everyone reacts differently to chemo but it's never been a picnic.

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    Wednesday Best for Me

    Wednesday was the best day for me. I went first thing in the morning so I could get my infusion and be done and back to work at noon. Then I would get unhooked on my lunch hour on Friday. My days all seemed about the same. All my tubes were under my shirt. The chemo just looked like an ugly fanny pack. It wasn't that big of a deal. You can always start with one day and adjust after the first few. Good luck!