Had CTA Pulmonary Angiogram and need answers.

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I had a CTA Chest Pulmonary Angiogram and it came back negitive for pulmonary embolism.  The scan did find the following:

1. Left renal cyst

2. Nonspecific hilar & interlobar lymph nodes. Also had left axilla node measure 13 mm in greatest dimension.

3. Left hydronephrosis


I understand that 1 and 3 relate to my kidneys.  I do not understand #2.    My doctor is out until after July 4.

Any insight on any of the 3 findings would be greatly apprecitated.




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    There are many things that can cause the lymph node to become enlarged and a small nodule to form.  Most frequently they are caused by illness, allergies or exposure to irritants.  you should call your drs office and demand that the dr covering patients call and explain the results.