Parotid tumor--pity party/venting, sorry.

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I give up. I have had a lump under my ear for at least 28 years which no one has ever been impressed by. Was told by my dentist is was probably scar tissue after my wisdom tooth on that side was removed.  It has not changed or bothered me. I was diagnosed with anal cancer stage 3b in 03/14 and that is in remission, for now at least.  On all my PET scans, this lump (parotid gland) has lit up, but was not commented on until the last scan, which said there had been no change from the previous scans. My oncologist just wanted me to get it checked out, was sure it was nothing. ENT did a fine needle aspirate and said no matter what it needed to be removed because of the potential of it turning to cancer. After 28 years. The diagnoses were not definitive for anything, but the differentials include all kinds of adenomas, also could be benign, but complete excision would be optimal for diagnosis. Having been through chemo and radiation last year, a hip replacement three months ago and an emergency hernia repair (5th repair, may or may not hold) about 6 weeks ago, I am not at all interested in any more surgery. The ENT said she wouldn't "bug" me if I would come to see her after the next PET in August. So much for enjoying the summer. Now I either have the surgery and hope nothing goes wrong, i.e. facial nerve or salivary complications, or I worry about it until the next PET scan. Also in the past year had a cyst found on a mammogram that had to be followed up in six months and turned out it had disappeared (but was always in the back of my  mind as mom had breast cancer), had a piece of cholesterol in one of the vein/arteries of my eye that had to be worked up and nothing was found, but caused great anxiety.  I came through the radiation and chemo and the hip in great spirits. But with all these other "shoes" dropping, I have no reserve left. Am being treated for depression and anxiety. All the cancer ads on TV don't help, either.

But back on topic, has anyone else ever had or heard of a parotid tumor turning to cancer after 28 years of being present?



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    Had mine successfully removed several years ago...BC...before cancer. Mine was a Warthins tumor, most always benign and mine was. Easy surgery, no damage to my nerves, scar large but not very visible. Weeks following I developed a fistula behind my ear. It was easily cured with a couple of air sick patches...and that was that. No dry mouth no complications. Glad I had it done as the worry was not worth it.

    Good luck! If memory serves me right only 2% of Warthins tumours are malignant.

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    Hi MKW


    I know you are at the end of your limit with all the passed testing and treatment that you had but don’t give up just yet. I too have been to hell and back a few times in dealing with cancer doctors and just about everything else that can go wrong. Today I went for another doctor visit and while leaving I was sitting in my truck thinking about all my problems I looked out the window and saw a young boy, His mother was helping him get into his wheelchair, he was limp from his head down to his feet. I felt so bad for him and his mother as all my problems were like nothing compared to this young man’s life. It made me realized that no matter how bad I have it there is always someone else who is worse them me. So please don’t give up you have too much to live for.

    God Bless


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    Sorry you are going through this.......

    Very sory you have to go through more. I know nothing about Parotid gland. I had a spot on my left lung about the size of a nickel. My nose was broken and had surgery. I had to coat the inside with mineral oil while it healed so it would stay most. You can't put anything in your nose so a drop ran in the back of mt throat and I inhaled to clesr my throst and I have minersl oil in lung and it shows up on xrays and scares the heck out of them. I had it biopsiedand it is fine and no concern. Well some time in the last seven years it has calcified and is now called a cyst. I don't know when it changed but now that it calcified cyst it concerns them. So something that was no concern years ago can turn to a cyst and get hard and become a concern. You are way over do for a break. I hope this turns out to be of no concern, and can see why now they would won't to remove it. Best to you.