New normal

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hi all! Dima continues to heal  he feels better in ever way and we are enjoying our new normal as a family.  I hate the idea of a"new normal" the 1st time I read about it. Now I feel thankful for it  yes, somethings suck but there are pluses too.  our new normal includes planning a super heroes, princesses and rainbows party for the super hero above (sorry, can't disclose her identity).

hope everyone is doing well! hope everyone going through treatment right now continues to move forward one day at a time with much love, support and strength.  



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    Thank you for letting us know.

    The "New Normal" is different and New but it does have good as well. Remember you can't be happy, without knowing sad. You can't smile without knowing a frown. For everything in life there is an opposite so we can understand all the good and appreciate it better. This is a tough road for anyone to go down, but when you know you are never you can and do make it and will see the good in the New You. It's almose seeing through a childs eyes all over again. You see things you just overlooked, and now you see. May all of your's and Dima's tomorrows always be even better than today. You see, you are part of the survivor family forever.


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    New Normal

    It seems such a short time ago you logged in here for the first time and poured your heart out about your worries for your husband. Now you've seen for yourselves that there is life after cancer and it is still pretty great. Caregivers deserve superhero capes too! Best wishes to your family.

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    thanks! we are actually going

    thanks! we are actually going to wear super hero tshirts for Valentina's party Cool


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    Supper hero


    I will agree she is on supper supper hero to me.



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    aw, you get used to the new

    aw, you get used to the new norm soon enough.  sit back or get out, either way, enjoy life!

    God bless you both,


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    I wanted to note that some of us have never had normal, so everything is new and different every day.  I think in a way that makes things easier to handle.  My life has always had medical issues to be dealt with--diabetes, allergies, etc.  I've always packed a huge amount of stuff for an overnight trip.  It's just the way I've lived.  As I get older, I see that not having normal is in a way an advantage.  There's nothing to miss, nothing to adjust to.  It's just a continuation of everyday life.