Need Help Fast - Stage IV Liver Mets

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Thank you for reading.  

I'm desperate to find help for my only Sister.  She's  only 48 yo and was given 3 days to live by her "nonpersonal" oncologist.   She has breast cancer which has spread to the bones and liver.  She has fought for years, but, it seems her liver is "shutting down".  She is currently in the hospital for low sodium levels - Hyponatremia.  She is on a fluid restriction of 1500 mL/day.  

I've been doing some research on "Vaptan" drugs for her condition.  Does anyone have experience with these?

I feel like her oncologist has just "given up" on my Sister.  I'm pleading for someone to offer me any information or resources to help my Sister.  I've read of people using alternative treatments and curing themselves, however, no specifics on how they did it.

Please drop me a note if you think it will help.  Thank you and God bless.



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    I am 44 years old. I was
    • I am 44 years old. I was diagnosed with terminal ovarian cancer on September 13, 2014. The doctor that diagnosed me was the same as your sister's doctor. He seemed to think I had very little time left to live. Here I am almost 9 months later, alive and well. I went on the vegan diet for a couple of months and it worked wonders. I figured that if the doctor had given up on me, only a miracle from God would save me. I will be praying for your sister. Only the Lord knows when any of us will die. The best advise I have for you and your family is to speak life. Many doctors seem to use scare tactics on people. Maybe she should get a second opinion from a more caring doctor. Mine has also gone to my liver and as a result, I have to drain fluid from my stomach. If that is a problem your sister is dealing with, she can either get it drained at the hospital or look into getting a PluerX catheter. After having fluid drained a few times at the hospital, I got a PluerX and now my husband and I drain my fluid at home. If the doctor mentioned that your sister calls hospice in, she may want to consider it, they are doing a lot of good for me. I am including a few links that may be helpful. and