How long will my dad be sick after completing treatment for SCLC??

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My sweet, sweet, sweet, precious dad was diagnosed with stage 3 SCLC (imited stage) back in August 2014. He completed chemo and radiation to his chest in late Decmeber, and there was no signs of any tumors.  He then had prophylactic brain radiation which was completed in March 2015.  He has some good days but so many bad days.  He can't get out of bed for several days straight and just now started vomiting again and is short of breath.  He had a follow CT to make sure the shortness of breath wasnt from regrowth of the cancer, and thankfully it WASNT!!  I hate to see him so sick and crying all the time. Now, I jsut want to know how long this last? Why is he still so sick?  


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    My greatest concern is that

    My greatest concern is that they may have taken him off the steroids too soon.  The steroids have a major effect on pain, nausea, depression and more.  Also, they should have him on anti anxiety or anti depressants.  He should also be on Namenda.  If you don't get satisfaction with this from his dr, get a second opinion.