Nausea side effect

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My husband got his first round of cisplatin yesterday. He's nauseated and fatigue..  didn't feel like eating today..  how long is this fatigue and nausea usually last ?  Do you have tricks on food intake?







  • Kritter
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    Main thing for him to remember.. swallow!  as most will tell you on here. I can't offer much except that they have a pill he can take that will dissolve under his tongue that will help with the nausea. It is called Zofran. Works wonders for me and tastes good. Just try different things, and I hope this gets better for him very soon. Prayers and hugs... Kritter

  • Ladylacy
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    My husband took cisplatin the first time around.  The doctor gave him a prescription for Emend which really helped.  The most important thing is for your husband to drink water.  Mine didn't and ended up having to have fluids several days a week.  


  • MrsBD
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    They might be able to put anti-nausea meds directly in the chemo IV. I took Zofran  but what also surprisingly helped was acupuncture. It can stimulate the appetite too. The best advice is to eat as much nutritious food as you can when you feel good. Be sure to stay hydrated. Prayers are going up for both of you while you go through treatment.