Help with copays - a couple of resources

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I don't know if anyone else went into shock when they discovered how much the co-pay  for chemo treatment would be,  like  I did.  We have Medicare with a supplmental policy, with an annual  deductible of  just over  $6700.00.  When  they told us the copay for each treatment would run $700-$900 dollars I had no idea how we were going to come up with the upfront cost before each treatment. Fortunately,  the oncology dept at the hospital has a financial  advisor who worked with us to apply  for copayment assistance, and we've been approved. Huge Relief!Maybe most of you already know about these organizations/foundations, but thought I'd post them just in case.

We are getting help from this organization:

A friend told me that she  got financial assistance from this foundation for her hepatitis chemo, but they also  help with cancer treatment: