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Hi everyone reading this :-) I am new to this site and this is my second post. I have search this site along with many others looking for as much information about our conditions. Additionally I have received a lot of support from many members here and it has helped me adjust. I have also found videos on YouTube about all different cancers and treatments and what happens throughout different treatments. I have learned quite a bit from these and I have decided I may start making my own videos. First I will probably do it as a video diary because I am unsure how this will go and if it seems to work I may be able to use it to reach and hopefully help others.  This post is kind of me just rambling out my thoughts but if anyone has suggestions for information they believe would be good to spread through a video blog please feel free to leave a comment. I hope this makes sense I just drove 7 hours from CT to Maryland and have to be up in 6 hours and I didn't sleep much yesterday so apologies for any confusing sentences or ramblings. Anyways have a Super Navy Day!



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    If I were doing a blog, I would start by explaining the type of cancer you have, the chemo meds they are giving you, any other treatments (radiation, etc.), any side effects you're getting, how you are feeling physically and emotionally, how others around you are dealing with and helping you, are you working still, is it affecting your daily life.

    Good luck in your journey. Let us know where your blog is posted so we all can keep track of how you're doing.


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    I kept a personal 'for my eyes only' video blog.  It got kind of iffy during Radiation, as I was sick as a dog. I kind of regret that now, as it would have been 'fun' to look back on. Oh well! 

    Having kept a video blog, the only thing I would suggest, and this is just coming from my own personal taste, it to keep it simple and short. Even I get bored watcing myself for too long.  You don't need to ramble on in order for people to get the idea. I have one that is all of 1 minute, where I point to my hair and ask 'Did I have a good night or a bad night?'. Really, one look at me said it all. 

    Good luck as you move forward into treatments. 

    Sue - Trubrit