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I'm just about 3  1/2 years out of treatment from stage 4a SCC of the right tonsil, while it took some time I'd say my saliva is back to about 95% , I still drink lots of water every day, but there are still some nights that my mouth seems dry ...I mentioned this to my dentist one day and she gave me a sample of OraCoat Xylimelts , they are adhering disc that you place on a molar where the other side of disc touches you cheek....I've used mine at nite and it keeps my mouth from getting dry, the sheet included says may help with tooth decay , and use as needed for day time. 




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    Hi Linda,

    I’m about the

    Hi Linda,

    I’m about the same time frame as you maybe a little bit behind 3+ years.  I’ve been using the xylemelt tablets for about the same amount of time, mainly at night for dry mouth and dental reasons.  I partially credit the tablets for my good dental checkups.   I could make it through the night without them but then I wouldn’t have all that slobber on my pillow case (there is always some trade-off). 

    Early on I use them during the day particularly if I had something to do and I didn’t want to drink water.  They were very good on long hikes.  Now mainly at night.

    I still drink large quantities of water every day.