Managing diabetes while taking decadron

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Hello all,

My mom is just at the beginning of her fight against UPSC. They placed her port this past Friday which made the reality of cancer sink in even more.

I'm writing to all of you who are diabetic.  Mom is to take decadron before and after each chemo treatment (carboplatin and taxol). How did you control your blood sugar after taking decadron?  We are seeing an endocrinologist this week, I just wonder what has worked for some of you.

Thank you for being here on this site--it is amazing to be connected with you all!



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    i am answering just to say

    i am answering just to say hi. i do not have experience with diabetes and upsc combined. just want to say hi to you, and God bless... and see you here.

    God bless, jennie

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    Keeping her and all of you in my prayers

    I don't have diabetes but wanted to reach out to let you know I am thinking of your family.  I know there are ladies on here who can help you and I am sure they will respond.  Hugs - Anne

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    Hi Kate-

    I dont know if I had any decadron, but I did take carboplatin/taxol for two rounds of chemo.  The day after chemo, my blood sugar would soar to over 300 (fasting), the next day be lower, and gradually get back down to around 100-110 before the week was out. Every time.  Be sure to have some regular soda and diet soda around (ginger ale my preference) for any days she can't eat.  Monitor her sugars so she doesn't go too low, esp if she has nausea (fortunately, the little nausea pills do work most times).  My biggest complaint is the neuropathy that developed from the chemo ON TOP of the neuropathy I already had from the diabetes. It was awful.  I learned to combat that using some essential oils on my feet and taking R-Lipoic Acid, the good kind.  If you want the details let me know and I'll post you more specifics.  I hope she doesn't have to deal with that.

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    Managing Diabetes

    Hi Kate, How wonderful that your mother has you!  I am Stage IV UPSC and a ways down the road from your mom.  I am also diabetic.  The first chemo is typically the hardest emotionally, physically, and in terms of trying to figure out how to manage everything.  I did not have a port installed until this year and wish I had done it sooner so congrats to your Mom on this step!  I agree, it makes the reality of your cancer journey more real, and that is an emotional pill that is hard to swallow.

    I had to take decadron the first time out, before, during (in and IV) and after.  It sent my numbers through the roof.  I'm sure your Mom has someone she works with for her diabetes.  Mine told me to take an exra metformin on those days, which helped but my numbers were still high.  They told me not to worry about it because as soon as you stop taking the decadron, your numbers come right back down.  I am Type 2 diabetic and have been for about 15 years.

    The most helpful thing I have found is walking and losing weight.  I have lost 50 pounds in the last year and a half (intentionally) and my BS numbers are now mostly in the normal range all the time.  They have even talked about reducing the metformin except that there are studies that indicate that Metformin actually fights the cancer.  Diet and exercise are the most powerful tools for diabetics and fortunately those are pretty much in our control.  Good luck! - Helen