Good news about my Mom and her UPSC battle


Hi Ladies,

Wanted to share a bit of hope and inspiration.  My dear Mom, staged as Grade 3a UPSC, had total hysterectomy, 8 rounds of carbo/taxol every 3 weeks, and went into remission for  1.5 yrs.  CT scan this Spring showed a recurrence of 3 nodules in her peritoneal cavity and small amt of malignant ascites in pelvic cavity.  Her amazing Dr. Christine Chu recommended weekly dose dense chemo consisting of taxol every week augmented by carboplatin every 3rd treatment. She just finished her 6th infusion of 18. Her CT results today show it is working like a evidence of disease!!!!!!  Tumors completely disappeared, ascites completely dried up!!!!  It has been a long three years and we know this monster may well veer its ugly head in the future however we choose to celebrate this victory.  Weekly treatment appears to be the new gold standard for ovarian and since UPSC mimics ovarian, it may be the wisest choice for UPSC.  Her CA125 still remains in the 200s but her doctor isnt too concerned. Regardless, it is a win!!!!  Keep up the fight you beautiful women, you all are in my prayers!!!




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    Woo hoo!

    That is fantastic news!  Thank you for sharing this hopeful result. 

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    good news

    Theresa that is wonderful. She is so courageous!!

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    My SiS

    So glad to hear mom is doing so well  Thanks to our Wonderful and Loving Creator. Please e-mail when you have the chance and give mom my love.  Take care of yourself also.

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    Thank you for sharing,

    Thank you for sharing, treebee.  I am cheering you and your mom on!!