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Has anyone here had a solid organ transplant? My husband got new lungs a little over four years ago. I have seen some very old posts from transplant patients, but none within a year old. 

My husband has metastatic squamous cell cancer. He had the huge tumor removed from his face and was radiated. He can't get chemo due to the effect on kidneys. That was over a year ago and he did pretty well, but did have to have the parotid taken out later with a cancerous tumor and continues to have numerous lesions on his scalp either frozen or removed by MOHS preocedure. 


He was recently diagnosed with anaplastic large cell lymphoma, a rare disease. It affects the T-cells, is ALK- and CD30 +. He is getting a new drug called Brentuximab to treat it. I would love to correspond to any other transplant patient (among others) to compare notes and see how they handle all the issues that go along with this special situation of being a transplant patient. He also has some kidney deficiency. Thanks.



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    Just wanted to say Welcome......

    Sorry to hear he is going through all that. I don't know if there is any with transplants on the board. To have a lung transplant and be over four years is doing very good. From the little I do know about that, four years is great, and not easy with all the meds. Sorry about the parotid gland removal, did they take both or just the one? There are some on here that their saliva glands do not work much, do to the radiation damage. With all that and then the Lymphoma. This must be very hard on you as the caretaker. That is a very hard job to be in as you feel his pain and just can't do much. Remember, the patient does know just how much you do for them and all the carrying and worrying does not go unnoticed. My thoughts and prayers go out to you both.