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I am now just doing herceptin alone every third week and just started on tomoxifen .  i still have muscle aches like I did when I was getting all four chemo meds.  But today I have a sore throat and don't know if I'm getting sick or if tomoxifen or herceptin would cause sore throat. I read they could but didn't know if anyone has experienced this.  I start radiation Monday so hope I'm not getting sick. This is day two of tomoxifen.   Any info would be great.  Thank you..



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    Hi Mary
    i have been on

    Hi Mary

    i have been on tamoxifin for 7 months and have had minimal side effects- "creaking" bones- 

    it takes a while for chemo to leave your body- but worth mentioning to your Dr. if the symptoms continue-

    Good luck with radition-


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    I took Tamoxifen for 5 years with my first round of Breast cancer when I was 44. I had some acheness that pretty much went away over time. I developed hot flashes, but my oncologist put me on a low dose of Effexor, and that did away with them. I didn't have radiation that time around, so don't know about that, but I'm about to start radiation in the next week or two. I'm doing Herceptin every three weeks, and I take Letrozole (aromatase inhibitor) daily. I don't expect any problems with that but will know more when I meet with the radiation oncologist on Monday.