Have to delay chemo because of high liver enzyme count .. NOT HAPPY

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  I was supposed to start Chemo Monday.  They have since found that my liver enzymes are high, so now i will be delayed with Chemo.  I mighy have to do a liver biopsy.  In the meant time, i will be doing my Cat scan for pelvis and abdomen and chest, and also bone scan tomorrow.   Maybe that will show more of what is going on with my liver.  I was diagnosed with Scleroderma about 6 years ago.  I just read that radiation is a NO NO with scleraderma.  But the doctor had not prescribed that for me anyway, and i forgot to tell her about the scleraderma thing. 

But my main question is ,,,, Could the scleroderma have something to do with my high liver enzymes?  And if so is it treatable, so that i can start chemo... It has been two months now since i found the lump, and had ultrasound, and i am so tired of waiting to start some kind of treatment to get rid of this cancer!  I just don't want it to spread or grow to where it will be too late!!!


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    HUGS!  I know waiting is

    HUGS!  I know waiting is hard. 

    Liver enzymes can be high for many, many reasons - your gallbladder can cause it - thyroid, certain medications, alcohol, the list goes on and on.   Hang in there - they'll figure it out.

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    pixie dust on the

    pixie dust on the way


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