My mother has been diagnosed with liver cancer towards the portal vien due to long history of Hep C

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Dear All members:


I am new to this forum but I have read a lot of inputs of people who have family members going through the same agnoy my mother has been going through. My mother got Hep C from infected blood while giving birth to my brother 26 years ago. She discovered Hep C infection around 15 years ago and since she has been seeking medical monitoring but no one ever advised her of liver transplant.


Back in Feb of this year she was undergoing general tests when a tumor was suddenly discovered in the liver. Since then we have been trying to get medical attention here in Abu Dhabi where we live in the United Arab Emirates. She was referred to Khalifa Medical City which is managed by Cleveland Clinic and for the last three months three different doctors saw her a liver speciliast and surgeon a radiologist and finally transferred her to an oncologist.


At first everyone was so optimistic about her treatment and results but after doing the MRI and CT scans the oncologist concluded that no treatment can be given to her and that because the portal vien is suffering from thrombosis due to the tumor even alternative mediciation can't be given and due to a score that he calculated at well. in short he told her average life expectancy is eight months and with the alternative mediciation is 11 months in averge based on studies.


Since she knew it is a matter of time before it is over, his psycological, mental and physical state of being has been detoriaiting. My mother is a 66 years old who has no other health problems or issues except the liver situation.

Has anyone gone through the same situation. The final review was extensive likely malignant portal vein thrombosis extending to the junction of splenic vein and superior mesenteric vein behind the neck of the pancreas. A distended congested splenic vein is seen posterior to the bodt of the pancreas measuring 16 mm

The impression


Advanced liver cirrhosis and mild ascites

hetergenous morphology of the liver parenchyma with multiple focal hepatic lesions showing higly syspicious early arterial enhancement on dymanic post contrast images and extensive portal vein thrombosis most liekly representing multicenter multinodular heptocelluar carcinoma with malignant portal vein thrombosis


Please help me with your kind advise. Has anyone had similar cases in the family and was it hopeless for treatment or was there a hope for mediciaiton?


I am exteremely desperate.

Thank you




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    Hi Dana,
    Sorry you have to

    Hi Dana,

    Sorry you have to watch your mother go thru so much! I am 44 years old. On September 13, 2014, I was diagnosed with terminal stage 4 ovarian cancer that had spread to my liver and spleen. The doctor wanted to admit me to the hospital, give me Morphine, and wait for me to die. The doctor seemed to imply that I was going to die almost immediately. I figured that if the doctor had written me off, only a miracle from God could save me! Only God knows when He is taking any of us Home! I went on the vegan diet for about the first two months. That did a lot of good, but l could not get enough protein. I am eating beef and poultry again. I have not had anything surgically removed or had chemotherapy or  radiation. I did get a sugery to have a PluerX Catheter put in, so now I can drain the fluid from my stomach, in the comfort of home, instead of getting it done at the hospital.  It has been more than 9 months since I was diagnosed and I am alive and well! I know this is not the same as what your mother is going thru, but my thought is to try to give you some encouragement and hope that your mother can have the same positive outcome as I am having! I will be praying for you and your mother.

    Prayers and best wishes,