fareston anyone been on this

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Hi, I have been on Aromasin with horrific side affects . The poster child for everyone on the list. Then switched to Femera.  Bone pain beyond belief.  The oncologist  talked about Tamoxifen.  However, would have had to come off other medications  to go on it. The  new decision is Fareston  the oncologist swears  there will be no bone pain. I Google it twice in one paragraph it mentions bone pain. Maybe the oncologist should try google. Has  anyone been on this medication ?  THANK YOU , Kelly



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    The only med I took was

    The only med I took was tamoxifen for 5 yrs. I didnt' have any side effects (daily) other then thickened uterus (which is known and I was checked regularly) I did have a total hystertomy 2 1/2 yrs on the med, but con't for 2 1/2 more to complete my FIVE years.