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So exerpt of CT scan report is shared below. The Cleveland Clinic doctor said it's too small to warrant "surgical intervention" but  that's all I was told. He said if I wanted more information or was concerned to come in for an appointment - no suggestion for a follow up appointment or MRI or anything. Geez.  Maybe someone else who had  a similar experience or are more versed in what this all means can help me.  Like I mentioned in another post, I'm just sticking with the first (non-Cleveland Clinic) doctor I met with- who already told me to get a follow up MRI in July to see if cyst has grown or needs to be removed.  Why "probable enhancement" and why would its location make it difficult to characterize?  I see others post that they have 1cm cysts - what's so special about mine that makes it so hard to dx? 


1.1 x 0.5 cm left upper renal pole lesion with probable enhancement, 
although difficult to characterize given its small dimensions and 
intraparenchymal location. Evaluation with MRI may be helpful for 
further characterization. 

Markedly atrophic right kidney. 


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    Right now you are very lucky. You have been diagnosed with something that may or may not turn out to be something down the road. Follow the doctors instructions and have further testing down the road. If it does turn out to be kidney cancer they can deal with it later. Masses under 4 cm rarelly spread. Why get excited about major surgery when it may turn out to be nothing. Relax and smell the roses. You will be fine no matter what happens. Kidney Cancer is nearly 100% curable from surgery alone where the mass is small. Yours is too small to even be diagnosed. Again you will be fine.