Stage 3b squamous cell lung cancer

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My dad has been diagnosed with stage 3b squamous cell lung cancer. His mass is 8.4 cm in upper left lobe.

He has had 15 radiation treatments. The MRI showed the cancer has not gone to brain.

he has the first pet scan done this Thursday to see if it has spread other than lungs. 

Met with chemo dr, when he is ready he will be doing the carboplatin and Gemzar 

has anyone had these 2 chemo drugs?

thanks for any info


  • Ladylacy
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    My husband's first round of chemo was clisptain which he had lots of problems with.  His second go round for a second primary was carboplatin and he did good with it.  Of course his first treatment was for laryngeal cancer and then a secondary at the cevical of his esophagus which spread to his lungs.  Just make sure you husband stays hydrated that is very important and he will be given nausea medications.  Emend helped my husband greatly.

    Wishing you and your husband the best -- Sharon

  • dennycee
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    Hi Misbetty,

    I've sent you a PM.  I want to add that I wish him the best possible outcome.   Please know that if this doesn't work he will be qualified to try the newest Nivolumab/opdivo immunotherapy.   It's just recently approved and patients are required to have had a course of platin chemo before it.