Mom has many medical issue beside cancer

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My mom was diagnosed with Follicular Lymphoma in April and now amonth later she may have a more aggresive lymphoma, She has multiple conditions that is making her treatment conplcated. Afib, congestive heart failure, diabetes, artritis, dementia, and she is very weak and unable to walk with assistance, When she had her first cemo treatment it made the dementia worse and her other medical problems went out of control. She has spent the last month in the hospital which is causeing more problems with the dementia. Even though they will not tell me my mother is dying I think she is. Her cancer is progessing at a speed that the rest of her body is unable to handle. It took me 4 weeks to get the cancer doctor to get in her head that my mother has advanced agressive lympomia. Now she is agreeing with me and we have lost 2 weeks of time and the cancer is advancing into her throat region and possible her stomach, Why will the doctors to listen? And insist there right instaed of looking at the obveoius.


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    Every patient needs an advocate

    Because the doctors see so many patients and really spend very little time with the patient they have to rely on the information provided to them by the patient as well as  family members/care givers.  If you feel they are not listening tell them that and if you feel they aren't doing anything with the information you are providing then find another doctor that will listen. Your mother only has one life and when it's done it's too late.  Take action now if you feel she's not getting the proper care.  If another doctor feels she can have a better quality life by doing something different it's worth a shot.  Good luck to you and your mother.  


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    Your mother

    I'm so sorry to hear about your mother.  But I am surprised that with all of her other health issues and especially her heart problems, that they would even consider chemo.  I know my husband, after undergoing radiation, chemo and surgery and then another round of radiation and chemo decided he didn't want to do any further treatments when we found out that his second primary cancer had returned and spread.  Only thing offered was chemo and we were told up front that all it would do is prolong his life and could possibly hasten his time.  And when he decided he wanted no more treatment none of his doctors tried to talk him out of it.  We had one specialist (head and neck) 2 different radiologists and 2 different chemo doctors and all said it was his decision.  Yes he is still fighting but loosing his battle now.  

    I think there are those doctors who just see dollars signs and then there are many that are very caring and do all they can to help the patient because in the end it is the patient's choice and no one else.  Chemo is a poison and I have seen too many die from the chemo alone.  I know the first chemo my husband was given was very hard on his body but the second chemo was different and he didn't have the same problems.  

    Wishing you and your mother peace and comfort.