Alternative treatments? Pain?

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Has anyone ever done any alternative medicine treatments before or after surgery? I have a primary care doctor who practices both western and alternative medicine. I also have an acupuncturist that I have seen for other issues as well. I'd like to hear other peoples thoughts on this. 

Also I keep having this left side pain under my rib. I am getting ready to schedule my partial nephrectomy so I don't know if I should  wait to have the left pain checked out. I do have history of esphogeal ulcer. Wondering if the stress of this cancer is aggravating the ulcer. 

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    Left side pain, flank pain is

    Left side pain, flank pain is a symptom of kidney cancer too. I had flank pain, right under my last rib which was the only symtom I had. they first gave me some drugs because they thought it was UTI, it got better but didn't go away completely so I had ultrasoubd which showed the tumor. You can ask about your pain from your urologist.

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    Acupuncture can stimulate nerve regrowth

    I used accupuncture to help with post surgical neuropathic pain after a lung met was removed.  It worked...

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    Since finding out I had a

    Since finding out I had a mass, I have noticed I am more in-tune to any aches and pains. I have an chronic pain on the right side, just under the ribs that sometimes radiates to the right flank area on my back.

    I don't have it all the time but most times. Mine seems to be more of a pain in the butt type of pain. Most times, I don't take anything for it. I just deal with it. Others, like today, I take tylenol or advil.

    I am scheduled for a right partical nephrectomy June 29th and my tumor is located in the lower lobe. I also have 2-3 more cysts they think are benign at this time.


    Good Luck!