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Hi guys,

Just out of interest, does anyone know how long it takes an anal cancer lesion to progress from stage 1 to 2, stage 2 to 3a, stage 3a to 3b and stage 3b to 4? Are we talking weeks, months or even years?

I only ask out of curiosity really, as back last year when my mum was diagnosed they said it was a "slow developing cancer" and I wondered how long she must have had it before it being found and diagnosed as stage 1. I swear I heard the consultant saying that she could have had the lesion for a couple of years before it was discovered...........

Hope you're all doing well :)


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    I really can't answer your questions.  However, in the past 6+ years that I have been communicating with others who have or have had anal cancer, I have come to the conclusion that some cases of this disease seem to be more aggressive than others.  Why, I don't know. 

    In my own case, after recalling some of the symptoms I experienced before my diagnosis and how long they were noticeable prior to that, I have concluded that my tumor was probably present for perhaps a couple of years.  When I was diagnosed and staged, my tumor was right on the fence between Stage 1 and Stage 2, so it obviously did not grow too aggressively, thank goodness.  I just had no idea that my body was sending me signals that I had cancer.  I suffered from chronic constipation for years and began feeling like I never got completely emptied out after a BM.  I had bloating and fatigue.  I just never put 2 and 2 together to realize I had cancer.

    I don't know if this helps you or not.  I hope your mom is doing well and you too!