anti inflammatories

Terry T
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Hi all - 

First, I send postive vibes and thoughts to all who are out here...if you are here, you got "some stuff" going on"!

I am almost a year out from full nephrectomy of my right kidney and adrenal gland. My first CT Scan was negative - though I had a small cyst on my pancreas - apparently it was there all along so nothing to worry about now...

But my back pain, which is how my kidney tumor got diagnosed in the first place, is still raging and I am getting shots for that but I have been told not to take Advil (or any ibuprofen) since the surgery. Two qiuestions:

a) have others received that same warning?

b) what do you take that is an anti inflammatory if you can't take Advil? I use Tylenol but that doesn't work the same ...isn't an anti inflammatory 


Thanks all