For Mother's Day(Not Cancer Related)

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For all of you who remember me and those that don't know me, I hope eveyone had a pleasant Mother's Day. As you know, I lost my husband Ron two years ago followed by my daughter Debbie just ten months ago. It was a rather sad day for me as all holidays are for some of us. For the first time in nearly 50 years, I did not get that cheerful call of Happy Mother's day from her. It sort of hit me this morning. I started to cry and my grandson came over and gave me a hug which was special as he is rarely demonstrative with his feelings toward me or his dad.

This is for you Phrannie as I know you will understand. With Mother's Day lurking on the horizon, I felt it was finally time for me to find my new forever friend, which I did on Wednesday. Haven't taked any pictures yet, but her name is Marley. I found her on the Humane Society website and she was so beautiful, I was afraid she would be gone before I could get there. She is a cream colored, gold highlighted three year old Lab/Shepherd and she is exactly what I wanted. She weighs 65 lbs., but does well on a leash and she is housebroken, a big plus. I have always had labs and shepherds and a small dog just didn't feel right. Not meaning to, she has clawed up my left arm to the point of bandages.  LOL  She is simply trying to get my attention that she wants to play. While watching TV, I spend a lot of time placing that paw back on the floor with a firm "NO", so we are working on it.

Anyway, I just wanted to share a bit of happy news with you guys. Lord knows, we all need it.




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    Happy Mother's Day

    So glad that you have a new forever friend to help and for you to love.., and get plenty of love in return..., they're the best..



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    They make such great companions...............

    After my surgery I too went to the Humane Society and found mine. They have such unconditional love. I'm glade you found her. They just seem to know you rescued them. May all your tomorrows be good............


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    I am SO glad you finally went in and got yourself a partner in crime!!  I've always felt that "get a dog" is the prescription most Drs. forget to write to fill the empty places within us.  After a couple of weeks it'll be as tho she's always been a part of your life.  I love it!!  First holidays are always the hardest, and you've had to go through so many firsts these last couple of years.

    I was thinking about you the other girlfriend who owns the house in Mesa left to go down there, and I thought.....damn!  I'm jealous!  I want to go back down...."I have a friend there!" Laughing

    I'm so happy, I could just hug you!!

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    So glad to see your post, Wolfen!  And very happy about Marley!  Wonderful news!

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    wolfen, i am so very happy to

    wolfen, i am so very happy to hear from you!  i think of you all the time.  i'm sorry that day was so hard for you but how could it not be.   you've been through so much and lost more than most.  i pray the Lord will ease the pain in your heart and help you live again.  and what a great way to start!  Marley, reminds me of the movie.  they are such sweet dogs and wow, Marley was a handfull.  sounds like your Marley will be for a while  i'm sure Marley will add joy to your life and i can't wait to see pics.  God bless you and thank you so much for stopping in.  It is always good to hear from you!