Being released

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Got cellulitis again last Sunday and was admitted Tuesday. Been on IV antibiotics, got c diff so then more antibiotics. Difference of opinion between infectious disease doc and my ENT on long term antibiotics. ENT concerned for necrosis on right jaw so wants to be in prevention mode. Other Doc says no issues with cellulitis on that side yet so step back with wait and see approach. Of course I don't tolerate antibiotics well so don't want them. Leaving today with at home tx ten days. Will be happy to get back home. 


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    There's no place like home!

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    Well that is some good news............

    Wow, damned if you do and damned if you don't. Cellulitis is rough, my brother gets it bad, but nercous can be worse in the long run. I do understand your ENT. I take several meds for my COPD and the side effect is osteoporosis and I already had that, but i'm very fond of breathing so I have to take them.

    The good news is going back home. Dorothy was right, "There is no place like home".


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    Glad to hear! Hospitals are

    Glad to hear! Hospitals are no place to relax. I hope you'll continue to improve every day. 

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    Hang in there.


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    candi, i'm glad you got to go

    candi, i'm glad you got to go home, nobody can really get better in a  i hope you are feeling much better, friend.

    God bless you,