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Hi everyone, please forgive me for dropping in to this board when I am a colon cancer survivor, but I have a topic question that I feel better posting in a place that is more for women. 

I was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer nearly 4 years ago and had a recurrence 18 months ago. When the surgeon went in to take the small 1/2 inch tumor out of my abdominal wall, he decided to take out my overies and fallopean tubes since they can be a cancer magnet and at 58 he figured I didn't need them. I had my uterus removed at age 36 for non-cancer reasons. 

I recovered from the surgery and went directly into 6 months of chemo. We all know how we feel during aggressive chemo. 

Anyway fast forward a few months and after a number of recurring UTI's, and all kinds of sicomfort, I have now been told I have vaginal atrophy due to a combination of the surgery and the chemo. Has anyone else had this kind of thing happen? 

I have been told by my Drs I can't take any hormone treatments due to my cancer history, but there are non hormone things I can do, such as lubricating creams

I guess I am just searching for some answers and wondered if anyone has tried any non-hormonal things that worked.

I looked up vaginal atrophy and have pretty much every symptom related to it. I want to find something that works to relieve the symptoms if at all possible. 

Thanks for listening....

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    Depending on your comfort

    Depending on your comfort level with your doctors, I would consider a second opinion regarding the hormones.  I've had uterine and ovarian cancer plus breast DCIS.  My tumors were never tested to see if estrogen fed them.  My first gyn onc, who has mysogynistic tendencies, told me no hormones.  My endocrinologist gives me a very, very low dose of estrogen in the form of a patch and now we've just added a little testosterone to the mix.  My new gyn onc asked about the patch, but conceded, "the fact is that we really don't know."  Which is what I suspected. 

    I was unwilling to go through complete menopause at the age of 44.  For me, it was a miserable existence.  I'm now 6 years out from stage 2c, grade 3 ovarian cancer with no recurrence and have been on the hormone replacement for 95% of that time.

    There are estrogen creams for the vagina that I've read are supposed to help with your problem.  

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    Also, if you're looking for

    Also, if you're looking for lubrication.  In the past I've used coconut oil and a vaginal syringe in the morning.  You can get the syringe on the 'net:

    You keep the coconut oil in something like a baby jar, warm it under the hot tap water to liquify the oil, then use the syringe. 

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    post oophorectomy

    Hi MAlice,

    The vaginal ring "Vestring" gives estrogen on a time-released basis and poses no cancer threat, as the estrogen does not enter your bloodstream.
    You need a doctor's prescription. It lasts for 3 months at a time, stops the itching and dryness, and keeps the pH balance normalized in there.

    It's expensive, but with my pharmacist (CVS) and insurance plan, it works out the same as the tablets you have to apply with a syringe twice a week. I usually have to pay out of pocket for the one I get in the first quarter of ea. year, but the rest of them are usually covered.