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Hi! just wanted to say hi. Dima is doing really well! The only issue we are having is that he is not gaining weight (currently 125). Other than that, he is doing really well Laughing He does deal with neuropathy, food still doesn't taste all that great and has dry mouth BUT he is getting better and better everyday.

It is great to be able to focus on life again, particularly to enjoy our little girls. We have the after treatment petscan next Wednesday May 13. We are believing and claming in faith that it will be NED. Please keep us in your prayers on this.  


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    Thank's for the update...

    I dropped to 126 and I would eat small amounts at first. To gain weight I had Cream of chicken soup as the whole can is 300 cal, then I would snak on pudding and crackers all day, Kibbler Club were the best for me. I had some days I would have five cans of soup and over five pudding or jello. A few days I took in 3500 cal that way and then I was able to start to gain. Then I cut back to the three meals and did fine. I did have normal tast somewhat. I nolonger can smell as they took my larynx so my nose doesn't work and that does change some tast. We will always have you both in my prayers.


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    It is wonderful to hear you and your husband are doing well. Appetite issues are common, but as your husband continues to heal, it should return. I will keep praying that you receive a NED next week.


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    Thank you Bill and Beth! Dima

    Thank you Bill and Beth! Dima says he feels he is about to gain weight ;)

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    avisemi, i dropped to 120

    avisemi, i dropped to 120 lbs.  that was 2.5 yrs ago.  unfortunately, i am steadily gaining and i'm now at 170, yikes!!  he will get some back on, it just may take time.  i'm glad he is doing well overall and that you stopped in to let us know.  i will be praying for very good results on May 13.  I will be out of town then but I will be thinking of you and Dima.

    God bless you both,