I haven't seen any recent posts, so I will start a new one.  I was diagnosed with Stage I colorectal 3/12, Had surgeries and chemo, and was declared NED.  Then 12/13 it was back, Stage IV, mets to lung and liver.  I've had chemo again and am now NED (Thank God), but am on Xeloda, and have been told it was for the rest of my life.  I also take Chinese herbs and IV Vitamin C, so don't really know what has helped.  I'm currently taking Xeloda, one week on, one week off : 1000mg BID. 

Has anyone else taken Xeloda for a long period of time, and if so, what are the long term side effects.  I have painful neuropathy in my feet and would like it to go away!


Thanks for all your help and support (I'm open to any questions about my journey & tricks that I believe have helped me)




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    Welcome to the forum

    I am sorry that you went from Stage I to stage IV. I know it was bad enough going from Stage III to Stage IV, but it must have really stunned you to jump from what is normally the curable stage to the uncurable.

    I know there are folks on board here who are doing Xeloda and can help.  I did the Oxaliplating & 5FU chemo, so not much help, just wanted to welcome you here and commiserate with the circumstances.


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    Welcome to the forum.

    I was diagnosed with Advanced stage 4 colorectal Cancer on January 22 2013. I have had 4 major surgeries. I started Zeloda 3 months ago. I was also told it is for the rest of my life. There are others in this forum who are also taking Xeloda. Some are taking the same dosage as you, others less and some people like me are taking more. 

    I am taking 3,000 msg per day. 1500 in the AM and 1500 on the PM. I take it for 14 days straight and then off for 7 days. Then go in for an infusion of Avastine the day Instart up the Xeloda again. I have blotches on my hands as well as the creases in my hands are dark, it looks like my hands are dirty. My skin is very dry ands chaffing. It has also caused hand and foot syndrome, which causes a lot of pain in my feet if I stand up too long. Ive heard from others in the forum, that the side effects fade once you are off the Xeloda.

    There is a therapy for the Neuropathy, but it is very expensive and the insurance Co. Won't cover it, because it is something new and considered experimental.

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    Hi Leesburg,

    Hi Leesburger


    My name is Desmond  and I am from Singapore.  

    My wife was dx stage 4 CFC and was taking 5FU, Xeloda and Erbitex.

    recently went for PET scan and result were clean.

    Prior to this her CEA WAS 3.90 .. 3.6  and went for liver RFA and follow by chemo  treatment.

    Her Onc said the PET result was good but due to stage 4 her ONC recommended my wife contiune with 2 more rounds of chem and no further scan required.  My wife aftger consideration have decided to stop the chemo treatment.

    Anyway how is your current condition today.