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I always think this is so ridiculous when this spam stuff hits a cancer site .... sigh. Peace ~ Daisy


  • Trubrit
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    I'm flagging

    In more ways than one. 

    I've been flagging them all evening. Its sickning. 

    I'm sure its a machine, or spam bot. I wish it would breakdown. Always on a weekend, when the moderators aren't around so much. 

    I guess we'll just have to be patient and hope a mod checks in soon. 

    Sue - Trubrit

  • NewHere
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    It has been going on all night and out of control.  As Sue mentioned, probably bots.  

    This round is fairly absurd and perhaps there is a new exploit found for the software used for the board. 

    The first time I saw spam posts here, I  just shook my head.  Sometimes the internet has some downsides. Spamming a cancer board, regardless of the fact that it is automated BS, seems pretty low in the grand scheme of karma points.

  • Lovekitties
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    Contact CSN

    In the upper right hand corner of the screen is a place called "contact csn". 

    Clicking on this takes you to an email screen where you can report various issues to the CSN team.

    This may be a faster solution than waiting for a moderator.

    I sent a message earlier today and they have removed the spam.

    Marie who loves kitties

  • CSN_Lena
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    Hi everyone,

    We're very sorry for the spamming that took place last night. There are systems in place to stop them, but sometimes they are able to get around it. They have all been blocked and the spam has been taken down. Thank you for flagging and letting us know about the spam. And also for your patience. 


    Best Regards,



    CSN Support Team