Eye cancer

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Can't remember if I told you all that my mom now has cancer in her eye. Don't know if anyone here has delt with it but apparently it is included as a head and neck cancer. She was diagnosed with lung cancer and two lymph nodes over two months ago. The Oncologist doesn't know what to do about treatment and keeps changing opinions. He now is refering her to a different oncologist but I do not know if he is an eye oncologist. All I know is the tumor has doubled inkeep my m size over last four weeks and has not spread to brain. She is 83, hard pf hearing and very weak. The oncologist will only let one person with her and that is my youngest sister who is not very aggressive. If anyone has any experience with eye cancer PM me and please keep my mom and all her kids. there are eight of us, in your prayers.

P.S. I made it through the anniversary of Jim's death but still struggle with his loss.



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    I'm sorry

    Lifting prayers, Debbie.

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    Eye cancer

    I will pm you.  lost eye is an excellent site to help with eye loss much like the Superthread.

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    Sometimes life is just so

    Sometimes life is just so hard. You are in my prayers.


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    MrsBD said:

    Sometimes life is just so

    Sometimes life is just so hard. You are in my prayers.



    Thoughts and prayers for your Mom and family

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    Deb, i'm glad you made it

    Deb, i'm glad you made it through your anniversary.  i'm so sorry about your mom.  i pray the doctors know soon what the plan is.  i'm not sure how much you want to put your mom through as far as treatment.  i'm sure Bev can help with some of your questions since she has lived it.  i will be keeping you, your mom and all your sisters in my prayers.

    God bless you,