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My oncologist has put me on Xeloda, because my cancer keeps coming back. I have had to have majaor surgery every 6-8 months for resecctioning of my lung or liver. 

I have noticed dark pigmentation on my hands as well as dark spots. It almost looks like my hands are durty. The creases in my hands are also dark, as well as the cutical around my nails.

Has anyone else taking Xeloda have this problem?


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    Dark skin

    I was on Oxaliplatin and 5FU and yes, I got the dark skin on my hands, especially at the base of my nails. I also delveloped a ton of 'age spots'. And also dark skin on my eye lids and under my eyes.  My skin was dry and crinkly and no amount of moisturizer seemed to tame it. 

    I am almost two years out (wow! I had to think about that), and the dark skin has gone, and the age spots have lessened. I think the ones left are just the normal 'yes I'm aging' spots. 

    This is my experience, but as I always say, mention it to your Oncologist on your next visit with him. He/she needs to know everything, even the the things we all know are regular side effects. I wrote down all of my side effects in my trusty notebook, and just went down the list with my Onc at every visit. The normal ones, hair loss, Thursh, fatigue, I just read out to him, and the ones that I wasn't sure were OK, we talked about. 

    Good luck!

    Sue - Trubrit

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    Dark Skin, thaank you for the

    Dark Skin, 
    thaank you for the information. I never thought about jotting everything down on a  note pad. I will start doing that as I forget a lot of things due to chemo. I usually have to call my husband to ask him about things I might have forgotten.



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    just one spot for me

    I've got one dark brown spot on my palm that showed up at some point during chemo (Xeloda).  Hard to remember when.  It seems to be a bit paler now, but it's been there for at least two years, so I think it's here to stay.  My Mom bought me a note pad for my very first surgery and I wrote down my questions/concerns for the Doctors in there.  It really helps with remembering.  I think we are hard wired to forget or at least distance ourselves from the bad stuff (think of pregnant mothers that forget the strain of labor), and the chemo just makes it worse/faster.  Good luck to you.  Traci