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I've been having issues with Lhermittes's sign (feeling of an electric charge going through your legs and feet when you bend your head forward - like you're bringing your chin to your chest)related to oxaliplatin.  I talked to my onc's nurse and they are saying Gabapentin may help and have called in a prescription. The side effects sound pretty nasty so I'm tryong to decide if its worth it. my onc expects the issue to improve with time fyi - I stoppedThe oxaliplatin at dose 10 which was about a month ago. 

Has anyone taken gabapentin for oxi neuropathy? Did it work? i don't want to go from the frying pan into the fire from a side fx standpoint. 




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    I've been on it for six years because my feet and hands never did get better.  I'm always able to notice when I've forgotten to take it because both hands and feet hurt so bad and get the numb feeling.  It relieves some of the issues but not all.  Can cause some dizziness and fatigue but it's better than the feet and hands bothering you everytime you move.  I'm able to do more with it than without it.  Hope that it helps you.


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    My husband did take it for

    My husband did take it for about a year.  He just recently stopped.  His neuropathy did get better but he didn't think the gabapentin really did anything, thinks it was just time. he did try acupuncture and felt that it did make a difference for some time after the treatment.

    good luck.

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    I tried Gabapentin but it did not work as well as Lyrica.  I take Lyrica twice a day.  It helps but it does not totally remove neuropathy.  I had problems before Oxi.  It does seem lile it helps.  I had a friend who recently passed away and left a lot of bottles of Gabapentin.  I called around trying to find a home for them.  I could not find anyone who would take the bottles, even though some of them have not been opened.



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    I took it for a few months.  The only side effect I noticed was loss of balance.  I could not walk a straight line for the life of me.  I stopped taking it after a while.  I was tired having to use a cane for a third leg to keep me from wandering off track.  I miss my shillelagh, but I don't miss the rest of it.  My neuropathy has improved over the years, but it is still there and ever apparent every day.


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    Side effects

    I took Gabapentin for about 6 months, starting once the peripheral neuropathy kicked in full time. I stopped it because I found that the study of drugs used to mitigate neuropathy done by the Journal of Clinical Oncology showed that Gabapentin was not predictably effective. That article, which reviewed every study done in the last 2 decades on treatments for chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy, said that the only drug showing any real promise was Cymbalta (duloxetine). After reaidng about Cymbalta, I decided not to make the switch. Since I'd already weaned myself off the Gabapentin, I just stopped taking anything.

    I did not notice any side effects while I was taking Gabapentin, though it's possible that it may have contributed to some fatigue. By the time I quit taking it, I'd been off the chemotherapy drugs for about 4 months but was still pretty tired a lot of the time. 

    I'm not partciularly familiar with Lhermitte's sign, so my experience might or might not be pertinent. I hope you find some help.


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    thanks everyone for the information, I appreciate it. 

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    It works for me with no side effects

    I have been taking it for a few years now, neuopathy in my feet are really bad from the oxi i took back in 2008, i too did 10 rounds.  I havent had any side effects other than relief from taking gabapentin (sp), i suck at spelling, sorry.

    Hope it works for you.



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    I have been on Gabapetin for 1 year now. The side effects are not that bad. At least I have not had but one side effect wich is drowsiness. It has helped me imensly.

    The good thing about Gabapetin is that you can take very high dosis of it. The bad thing about it, is the higher the dose, the more drowsy you get. 

    I take 900 mgs a day. 300 mgs in t he morning, 300 in the afternoon and 300 before going to bed. This dosage works fine for me, and I can still function with this dose. I was prescribed 2400 mgs per day, but it would knock me out and I could not function. I was basically useless. 

    I has done wonders for the nerve pain from the Neuropathy in my hands and feet, as well as the pain from the nerve damage that occured when they resecctioned my right lung. 

    I also tried Lyrica, but it did nothing for the pain and discomfort of the Neuropathy and the nerve damage. I have heard it working for some people and not for others, the same with Lyrica. I think it depends, everyone is different, and medications work different or not for each individual.

    I also tried Cymbalta. It did not do much for me either, but again as previously stated, everyone is different and it just might work for you.

    It takes time to build up in your system but, when it does, it is great!


    I hope this helps. Good luck, hugs and prayers your way.

    Good luck!